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I love you, too, Eric Kripke.

I know we've had our issues over the years, but we also had some good times. We laughed, we cried, we drove each other crazy. You said quite a few things that were hurtful, and there were times I went weeks without speaking to you. At times I still feel the best parts of our relationship were nothing but happy chance, pure serendipity. But now that it's all over, the fact remains that you were the first showrunner to woo me into the world of genre TV and this maddening thing called fandom, and damn if it wasn't a hell of a ride. So thanks for that.

I can't say we didn't drift apart these last few years, and I still miss that special something we had in the beginning, but now that it's all over I can see that you tried. I might not agree with your execution -- and I might find the end result to be somewhat lacking as a whole -- but I feel you did try, and that maybe we did want the same thing for the end.

Sammy, it's okay. It's okay. I'm here. I'm here, and I'm not gonna leave you.
It's okay, Dean. It's gonna be okay.

It was all about the brothers.

.......Well. Them and that car of theirs.   ;)

Best of luck to you, Mr. Kripke.

P.S. Not all of your fans were crazy.
Did it happen? 

Has the Supernatural fandom been purged? Did the unhinged lunatics LOL haaaaaaaaaaaaaate w.e LOL TBH TFW IMHO the finale, tell Kripke to suck it, and then descend upon The Vampire Diaries fandom like a plague of entitled locusts?

Are they gone? 


That's really all I was hoping for on this most glorious of days.

Dear Kripke: Please stop reading TWoP.

I find it amusing -- puzzling, but amusing -- when DeanGirls try to pretend that their fixation with Castiel is based entirely on the character's own merits....yet completely lose their minds every single time Castiel has a scene that isn't with Dean. Ah, but their conspiracy theories are my personal favorite. Something about rotten Sam Winchester, a grassy knoll, and several thousand dangling chads. It's hard to keep up.


Sisters Bingo has returned to Portland at last! It was entirely too much fun, and I think next month I might have a cocktail or two and work up my courage to actually pose for a picture.

More pictures under the cutCollapse )

Not pictured: The Bee Gees CD I won (Free Shit!) and the locks of hair I stamped purple during a bingo break.


Since I have nothing useful to contribute.

Dean's on a seafood dietCollapse )


I'm not JUST paranoid, am I?

Is TWoP down for anyone else, or am I just being rejected?